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James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish< >James Pond - Underwater Agent

James Pond 3 - Operation Starfish CD³² (Millennium)

download the install packageJamesPond3CD.lha
created at2001-04-17
size of install package36169 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker636
Hall Of Light785
Lemon Amiga729

Short: HD Installer for James Pond 3 CD32
Author:   jffabre@free.fr (Jean-Francois Fabre)
Uploader: jffabre@free.fr
Type:     game/patch

Install-Script & HD-loader © 1997-2001 Jean-François FABRE

James Pond 3 is © 1993 Millenium Software.

-- James Pond 3 (operation starfish) CD32 installer and loader

This installer requires the James Pond 3 (Operation Starfish) original CD-ROM.

A 68020 is necessary to run this game.

A joypad is better to be able to play this game, however, I translated the buttons in keys, so
the game is playable with a joystick and the keyboard.

Thanx to Walter Gierholz for providing the CD.


- JST & WHDload slaves provided
- Runs fully from RAM/HD on any 2MB chip amiga (no need for AGA, check UAE !).
- Convenient installer script
- Joypad emulation with joystick and keys for non-joypad users
- JST only: F10 quits and save games to disk (unless NOOSSWAP is specified)
- WHDLoad only: QUITKEY quits. Game saves are done when a save is performed
- Games saves/loads without need of NV RAM (on *ANY* amiga).
- Scores now also saved.
- Low memory consumption (V1.1)
- Decrunch routine relocated in fast memory
- Cheat keys (arrows) to select level in the map section
- Return skips level during the game and allows game save
- Changed strings to match normal amiga controls when JOYPAD tooltype is off.
- NewIcon added (Thanks to Mario Qualmann)
- French version by Ninjaw P.B (check the jp3_french.lha archive)


JST only:

Set HDLOAD in the tooltype if you don't have enough memory to run the game
or to quit.

NOTE1: the games are loaded into memory at startup, and saved when you quit.
       To prevent someone to alter your saves, you can backup them of course,
       but also, if you activate the NOOSSWAP tooltype, the saves won't be
       stored on disk on exit. Useful against young brothers ;-)

NOTE2: If you've got a real joypad, you can disable the joystick patch by activating
       the JOYPAD tooltype. It will be unplayable without it. Thanks for users who
       warned me about that.

NOTE3: Well, I hope you'll be very pleased by all those nice features because it meant
       lot of hard work for me.



- HELP            : go faster (don't know the button, s.o. can tell me?)
- FIRE (joystick) : punch (yellow button)
- SPACE           : pause (start button)
- UP   (joystick) : jump

The 1st and 2nd buttons of the joystick act exactly as the floppy version
(1st button: boxing, 2nd button: accelerate)


- RETURN          : levelskip+allow to save
- LEFT ARROW (map): previous level
- RIGHT ARROW     : next level
- F10             : quit to Workbench and save gamedata

If this setup causes trouble, tell me. I'll change it.


Follow the installation procedure with the installer script provided.
After that, click on the JamesPond3HD icon in your game directory to run the game.


Sorry, but I don't really think that you want to store the intro on your hard disk.
You can watch it from the CD with the CDGXL tool.

So the loader starts the game directly.

Enjoy this cool game.


Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
JamesPond3.slave - 17.04.2001 23:37:31 - 2080 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
flagsEmulTrap NoDivZero Req68020 NoKbd ClearMem
required Chip Memory2048 KiB ($200000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameJames Pond 3 - Operation Starfish
info copy1994 Millenium
info installInstalled by JF Fabre
V1.02 (15-avr-01 00:11:04)

Install Archive Content Listing
01lhd0UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD
17311lh51391UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD.info
25241lh5933UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/Install_JamesPond3
10681lh5802UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/Install_JamesPond3.info
37161lh51735UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/JamesPond3
37721lh51757UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/JamesPond3HD
90431lh54812UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/JamesPond3HD.icon
103211lh52276UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/JamesPond3HD.info.NI
36831lh53289UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/JamesPond3.icon
20801lh51251UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/JamesPond3.slave
32681lh51644UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/jp3cd32_hd.readme
10651lh5760UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/jp3cd32_hd.readme.info
144751lh014475UNIX2001-04-17 23:37:30JamesPond3CD32HD/jp3_french.lha

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