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Intact< >International Ice Hockey

International 3D Tennis (Sensible Software/Palace)

download the install packageInternational3DTennis.lha
created at2001-08-23
size of install package32161 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker97
Hall Of Light2645
Lemon Amiga1415

Short:    HD-Installer for International 3D Tennis V1.0
Author:   Codetapper/Action (codetapper@hotmail.com), ICQ: 26051687
Uploader: Codetapper/Action (codetapper@hotmail.com)
Version:  1.0
Type:     game/patch

This patch applies to "International 3D Tennis" (c) 1990 Sensible 
Software/Palace - 1 disk. Thanks to Didier Giron and Philippe Bovier 
for the original!

- Slave requires WHDLoad V10+ and RawDIC.
- Game requires 516k chip mem (+0.6Mb other memory for preload option)

- Full load from HD
- Protection removed (Dos/MFM combination and speed check on track 1)
- Loads and saves games (an absolute nightmare to code!)
- Joystick and mouse ports swapped around
- Mouse port is disabled by default so you can play a one player game.
  Toggle the mouse port on/off by pressing Help
- Snoop bug fixed (access to kickstart Rom)
- Colour bit fixes (x2)
- Instructions included
- International keyboard support (requires WHDLoad 12+)
- All files can be crunched to save space (Propack, Fimp etc)
- RomIcon, NewIcon and GlowIcon (created by me!)
- Quit option (default key is 'PrtSc')

This was one of the hardest patches I have ever done, mainly because the 
code for loading and saving games is very complex and spaghetti like.

I have fixed absolutely everything I could think of in this game.  In the
original, the game stupidly requires you to plug a joystick into the mouse
port and worse still, if you forget about this, you cannot actually select
any of the options on the title screen!  Press Help to toggle the mouse
port back on if you are playing a two player game.

Greetings to those of you who prefer quality fixes than fast half finished

Codetapper/Action (21-Aug-2001)

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

            ________  ________  ________  ____  ________  ________
           _)       \_)       \_)       \_)   \_)       \_)       \
   __ ___ /___/     /   /_____/\  /     /     /   /     /   /     /
  /_//__// \___    /   /     /CT\/     /     /   /     /   /     /
        /___/     /___      /   /     /_____/___      /___/     /___ __
            \____/    \____/    \____/          \____/    \____//__//_/

           Visit the Action website for more of our productions:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
International3DTennis.slave - 21.08.2001 19:20:26 - 1460 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
flagsNoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory516 KiB ($81000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameInternational 3D Tennis
info copy1990 Sensible Software/Palace
info installInstalled by Codetapper/Action!
Version 1.0 (21.08.2001)
Press Help to toggle the mouse port on/off!
Thanks to Didier Giron and
Philippe Bovier for the original!

Install Archive Content Listing
11930lh56672001-05-22 01:20:08International3DTennisHD.info
40090lh512882001-05-22 01:23:34International3DTennisHD\Install
7220lh53712001-05-22 01:20:06International3DTennisHD\Install.info
188030lh566682001-08-20 19:45:58International3DTennisHD\Instructions
20400lh515832001-05-22 01:20:06International3DTennisHD\Instructions.info
82950lh574232001-05-22 01:07:22International3DTennisHD\International3DTennis.glowicon
125180lh543202001-05-22 00:58:26International3DTennisHD\International3DTennis.inf
6360lh53412001-05-21 22:51:04International3DTennisHD\International3DTennis.islave
143610lh549342001-05-22 01:00:32International3DTennisHD\International3DTennis.newicon
14600lh510532001-08-21 19:20:26International3DTennisHD\International3DTennis.slave
23720lh511462001-08-21 19:21:02International3DTennisHD\ReadMe
20400lh515822001-05-22 01:20:06International3DTennisHD\ReadMe.info

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