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Gazza II (Empire)

download the install packageGazza2.lha
created at2004-02-01
size of install package53550 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Hall Of Light2706
Lemon Amiga1403

Short:    HD-Installer for Gazza 2 V1.0
Author:   Codetapper/Action (codetapper@hotmail.com), ICQ: 26051687
Uploader: Codetapper/Action (codetapper@hotmail.com)
Version:  1.0
Type:     game/patch

This patch applies to "Gazza 2" (c) 1991 Empire - 1 disk. 
Thanks to Walker for sending the original!

- Slave requires WHDLoad V11+ and RawDIC
- Game requires 512k chip mem (+460k other memory for preload option)

- Full load from HD
- Loads and saves games
- Access faults fixed (x6)
- Empty DBF loops fixed (x2)
- Manual included
- Main game (Disk.1) can be compressed to save space (FImp, Propack etc)
- RomIcon, NewIcon and OS3.5 Colour Icons (created by me!) and 2 Exoticons
  (taken from http://exotica.fix.no)
- Quit option (default key is 'F10')

This game is awful and also very buggy!  The original version crashes in
several places if you click on icons the programmers haven't expected you
to.  For example, if you go into the Match Options screen and click on the
top joystick icon or the blue player, the game locks up.  When the game is
fading the screen out, it is also modifying memory that it shouldn't.

These access faults have been fixed in this patch, but because this game is
so lame I can't be bothered playtesting it very much looking for more.
Therefore if you can get it to crash, tell me exactly what you did and I'll
try and fix it.

Thanks to Walker for sending the game, IFW, all Action members and the
entire WHDLoad team!

Codetapper/Action (01-Feb-2004)

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

            ________  ________  ________  ____  ________  ________
           _)       \_)       \_)       \_)   \_)       \_)       \
   __ ___ /___/     /   /_____/\  /     /     /   /     /   /     /
  /_//__// \___    /   /     /CT\/     /     /   /     /   /     /
        /___/     /___      /   /     /_____/___      /___/     /___ __
            \____/    \____/    \____/          \____/    \____//__//_/

           Visit the Action website for more of our productions:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Gazza2.slave - 01.02.2004 23:34:08 - 716 bytes
required WHDLoad version11
flagsNoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameGazza 2
info copy1991 Empire
info installInstalled by Codetapper/Action!
Version 1.0 (01.02.2004)
Thanks to Walker for sending the original!

Install Archive Content Listing
118270lh5115932004-02-01 12:52:38Gazza2HD\Gazza2.colexot
99750lh568022004-01-31 14:40:40Gazza2HD\Gazza2.colicon
2760lh52112004-01-23 20:13:42Gazza2HD\Gazza2.islave
81870lh560802004-02-01 12:52:26Gazza2HD\Gazza2.newexot
162630lh572042004-01-31 14:40:54Gazza2HD\Gazza2.newicon
124860lh554252004-01-25 23:27:56Gazza2HD\Gazza2.romicon
10240lh5232004-01-25 20:06:00Gazza2HD\Gazza2.save
7160lh55982004-02-01 23:34:08Gazza2HD\Gazza2.slave
39750lh517982003-09-06 13:42:36Gazza2HD.info
106890lh529122004-02-01 18:33:10Gazza2HD\Install
37090lh525692004-01-31 14:42:26Gazza2HD\Install.info
58700lh525702004-02-01 08:52:08Gazza2HD\Manual
57200lh520332003-08-14 10:45:46Gazza2HD\Manual.info
21600lh510422004-02-01 23:34:22Gazza2HD\ReadMe
57200lh520312003-08-14 10:45:46Gazza2HD\ReadMe.info

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