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Cyber Empires (Silicon Knights)

download the install packageCyberEmpires.lha
created at1999-05-09
size of install package21789 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Dark Angel
Hall Of Light3154
Lemon Amiga290

				Cyber Empires

;--- Cyber Empires HD install V1.1 [registered users only]

This installer requires the two original Cyber Empires disks.
You have to install WHDLoad first.

You need 1 MB chip.

If you have not yet registered WHDLoad, this patch will NOT work. You will return
to the workbench right after the title picture.

V1.1	- Removed a game bug which caused jammed cyborgs in case too many lrm
	  were fired. Thanks to Sam & Angus Manwaring for report and beta

Thanks to Angus Manwaring for sending me his original. Without him this patch
would not exist.  =)

Cyber Empires is copyright by Silicon Knights.

;--- Features

- Bugfix
- Protection removed
- Saves to HD
- Return to OS (Numl)

;--- WHDLoad

Download the latest version and more game or demo installers at


Greetings to all members of the whdload family...wepl, harry, mr. larmer and
all the others. Special hello to my pal Flynn!  =)

                                                                   /   /
_____________________ STAY CLEAR CIVILIAN... ____________________ / / /_
                                                                 / / /
   Dark Angel of Gore Design                              ____  / / /
e-mail:  wir96fme@studserv.uni-leipzig.de                 \   \/ / /
________________________________________ powered by AMIGA  \ \ \/ /_____

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
CyberEmpires.Slave - 08.05.1999 16:09:14 - 860 bytes
required WHDLoad version9
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory1024 KiB ($100000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB

Install Archive Content Listing
15800lh58961998-11-24 19:51:58CyberEmpires\CyberEmpires.Imager
212510lh5107281998-11-24 20:12:16CyberEmpires\CyberEmpires.info
34170lh511181998-11-24 19:57:34CyberEmpires\CyberEmpiresInstall
55260lh528031998-11-24 20:12:16CyberEmpires\CyberEmpiresInstall.info
8600lh56381999-05-08 16:09:14CyberEmpires\CyberEmpires.Slave
16120lh57421999-05-08 16:16:52CyberEmpires\CyberEmpires.Txt
49680lh518971998-11-24 20:12:16CyberEmpires\CyberEmpires.Txt.info
54160lh525321998-11-24 20:12:18CyberEmpires.info

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