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Crack< >Crash Garrett

Crackdown (U.S.Gold)

download the install packageCrackdown.lha
created at2002-05-06
size of install package18865 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker757
Hall Of Light3109
Lemon Amiga278

Short:    HD-Installer for Crackdown V1.1
Type:     game/patch
Author:   Galahad / Fairlight (GLDFLT@AOL.COM)
Version:  1.1

 This install applies to "Crackdown"  1989 US Gold
 Slave requires WHDLoad V13+.
 Game needs 0.5 MB Of Chipmem & 1.0MB of Fastmem (for preload option)

 - 1 Disk Original release

 - Full Loading from HD
 - Lame-o-Protect removed (MFM and Protection Track read)
 - System Friendly Imager used
 - Keyboard routine fixed
 - Extra Memory routine removed
 - Audio Filter switched off!
 - In-game trainer
 - Quit Option (DEL key)
 VERSION 1.1 (Install process fixes by Codetapper)
 - Install files are now in their own directory
 - Lame-o-Install script fixed (script errors appeared if you cancelled the
   imaging process, unable to install the game from Ram:, readme icons not
   created, stack set too low, no icon preview etc)
 - Instructions included
 - Solution included
 - Added a MagicWB icon and a RomIcon (converted from the newicon but I 
   promise I didn't draw it! :)

 What a load of junk this game is!!  This is one of those games that US Gold 
 would have gotten a cheap licence for whilst they were buying more 
 'prestigious' licences!
 To confirm something that the author of the JST install has already 
 suspected, the original master disk that was sent to the duplicators when the 
 game was made was broken. Tracks 76-79 are incorrectly formatted, so the very 
 final level is missing.
 I checked out the cracked versions, the Accumulators version wasn't even 
 cracked properly, and the Paradox crack also had the same problems that have 
 been identified..... shows you just how important this game was to US Gold!!!
 Needless to say, I have modified all the routines so that when you play the 
 level before the end, the correct text messages are displayed.
 Utterly shocking conversion, Arc Developments should hang their heads in shame, 
 conversions really don't come any worse than this!
 In Game Trainer
 During the game, press F1 to have placed all bombs
 During the game, press F2 to add an extra life to player one.
 NOTE: If you press F1, and then place a bomb and try and exit, the game won't 
 let you, simply press F1 again, and you can complete the level.
 Sorry, but I cannot even bring myself to tell you to 'enjoy this classic'!!!!!

Kindest Regards, Galahad of Fairlight


Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Crackdown.slave - 29.04.2002 13:30:10 - 628 bytes
required WHDLoad version13
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info name-+ Crackdown +-
info copy1990 US Gold
info install----------------------
Installed & Fixed by
Galahad of FAiRLiGHT
v1.0 (26.04.2002)

Install Archive Content Listing
7680lh56392002-04-29 12:30:10CrackdownHD\crackdown.bin
23100lh58222002-05-04 12:06:58CrackdownHD\Crackdown.inf
2680lh52172002-04-29 12:55:38CrackdownHD\Crackdown.islave
25840lh518022002-04-29 12:30:10CrackdownHD\Crackdown.newicon
21130lh515102002-05-04 12:13:32CrackdownHD\crackdown.romicon
6280lh55172002-04-29 12:30:10CrackdownHD\Crackdown.slave
11930lh56612002-05-04 12:52:48CrackdownHD.info
76080lh522512002-05-04 12:41:02CrackdownHD\Install
7100lh53552002-05-04 12:52:44CrackdownHD\Install.info
17050lh58292002-05-04 12:31:08CrackdownHD\Instructions
20040lh515392002-05-04 12:52:44CrackdownHD\Instructions.info
24800lh513352002-05-04 12:58:46CrackdownHD\ReadMe
20040lh515442002-05-04 12:52:44CrackdownHD\ReadMe.info
62540lh525772002-05-04 12:34:34CrackdownHD\Solution
20040lh515452002-05-04 12:52:44CrackdownHD\Solution.info

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