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Candy Puzzle< >Cannon Fodder 2

Cannon Fodder (Sensible Software)

download the install packageCannonFodder.lha
created at2018-06-17
size of install package60657 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Galahad & Wepl
Mantis BugTracker41
Hall Of Light2917
Lemon Amiga215

Title......: HD-Installer for Cannon Fodder (disk version)
Type.......: Hard drive patch (WHDLoad)
Author.....: Galahad of Fairlight, Wepl

This patch applies to Cannon Fodder, ©1993 Sensible Software
3 Disk version, supported are 2 english, french, german and italian versions.

Slave requires WHDLOAD V17+.
Game requires 1 MB Chip memory and 0.5 MB other memory.

Version 2.0 (17.6.2018) done by Wepl:
- Slave rewritten to support other versions and misc other features
- new RawDIC imager provided, checks for correct disks
- french, german and italian versions supported
- game must be reinstalled because some obsolete files have been removed, the
  data directory name has been renamed and the save game handling has changed
  and requires a new directory, to migrate old savegames copy the save files
  manually (without the file 'GALAHAD.ROOT')
- stack moved to fast memory
- bplcon0.color bits fixed
- some access faults fixed
- all files can be compressed by WHDLoad supported packer (e.g. RNC)
- several translation bugs in the german version fixed (einige Sachen sind
  allerdings Grafiken und lassen sich nicht ohne weiteres ändern (Heldon),
  falls Bedarf besteht, kann ich auch die weichgespülten Sachen noch anpassen,
  z.B. ausschalten -> töten)
- manual, hints and new icons added
- new install script

- Memory requirements for chip memory reduced and moved to extra ram

- Full load from Hard drive (Installed as REAL files)
- Lame-o-Protect removed (SOS MFM) (SOS = Sensible Operating System)
- Load/Save games to Hard drive (180 seperate saves allowed!)
- IFF decode routine rewritten and relocated to fast ram
- RNC Data depack routine relocated to fast ram
- 2x Bus errors removed
- All CACR code removed
- Some files removed that are not needed to save disk space
- Quit option is 'Del'

Thanks to Slinka & YoYo for disk images.

Took a little while to complete as I wanted to be sure there were no more
bugs in the game.

Tested on A4ooo o3o and A12oo o6o Tower.

All the Copylock files were fakes.  There are four in memory, but they all
force the serial key regardless of what disk is in the drive.  I only ever
detected 1 Copylock ever being accessed, but better to be safe, I have
removed them all, just in case using the load/save bypasses one of them.

The MFM protection was the usual Sensible Software disk system, very
similar to some Millenium games, and very very similar to the disk system
employed by SFX (Robocop 2, Navy Seals, Hudson Hawk etc, etc)

I believe I have found all the access faults, if anyone has any problems,
just get in contact and I will have a look.

For the nosey only.  

If you want to, you can also edit all of the ingame graphics, anything with
a .lbm extension is an IFF file.  Note that any file that uses 16 colours
will reload some of the graphics using the copper chip, so whilst you can
change the colours of some graphics, the Cannon Fodder program will still
force some colours to stay the same.

Unpack the VIRGPRES.RAW file (RNC), and load it through an iffconverter
that can handle raw images.

Width     = 320
Height    = 256
Bitplanes = 5     To reveal some secret messages!!!

Also, when you complete the game and you are presented with the end screen,
take the FIRST letter of each word, and it spells out a rather well known
phrase :)

Enjoy this great game, which is so much improved off Hard Drive.

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
CannonFodder.Slave - 17.06.2018 23:23:26 - 2004 bytes
required WHDLoad version13
required Chip Memory1024 KiB ($100000)
required Expansion Memory44 KiB ($b000)
info nameCannon Fodder
info copy1993 Sensible Software
info installinstalled and fixed by Wepl
Version 2.0 (17.06.2018)

Install Archive Content Listing
171821lh511038Amiga2018-06-12 22:01:16CannonFodder Install/CannonFodder.colexot
4901lh5252Amiga2018-06-12 21:49:32CannonFodder Install/CannonFodder.inf
15961lh5812Amiga2018-06-17 14:55:08CannonFodder Install/CannonFodder.ISlave
111541lh58004Amiga2018-06-12 22:01:22CannonFodder Install/CannonFodder.newexot
78071lh51701Amiga2001-01-14 00:23:50CannonFodder Install/CannonFodder.romicon
20041lh51390Amiga2018-06-17 23:23:26CannonFodder Install/CannonFodder.Slave
14281lh5631Amiga2003-11-24 16:27:02CannonFodder Install/Cheat
19901lh51315Amiga2018-06-17 14:51:16CannonFodder Install/Cheat.info
13531lh5722Amiga2003-11-24 16:28:10CannonFodder Install/Hints
19901lh51313Amiga2018-06-17 14:51:16CannonFodder Install/Hints.info
15841lh51046Amiga2018-06-12 00:37:22CannonFodder Install.info
400951lh510005Amiga2018-06-17 14:26:58CannonFodder Install/Install
12651lh5830Amiga2018-06-12 00:37:56CannonFodder Install/Install.info
219181lh59392Amiga2001-01-14 00:15:40CannonFodder Install/Manual
19901lh51313Amiga2018-06-17 14:51:16CannonFodder Install/Manual.info
35611lh51851Amiga2018-06-17 15:05:14CannonFodder Install/ReadMe
19901lh51310Amiga2000-09-11 00:37:22CannonFodder Install/ReadMe.info
111831lh53532Amiga2018-06-17 23:47:08CannonFodder Install/src/cannonfodder.asm
145651lh52896Amiga2018-06-17 23:47:18CannonFodder Install/src/cannonfodder.islave.asm

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