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Cadaver Demo Level (Bitmap Brothers)

download the install packageCadaverLevels.lha
created at2002-04-15
size of install package578541 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Hall Of Light2907
Lemon Amiga212

Short: Cadaver demo - 3 unique bonus levels
Type: game/patch
Author: Bitmap Brothers
Uploader: jffabre@free.fr (Jean-François Fabre)

The first demo was originally uploaded by Bill Bennett (bspwrb@bath.ac.uk),
a Cadaver maniac (like me).
The second demo level has been provided by Keith Krellwitz.

Second demo level is actually the one pointed by CUSTOM1=0. It was released for 
a demo in a magazine. Walkthrough for that one is included too.
I'm looking for a walkthrough for the other one (I nearly completed it, but did
not reach the end).

I hacked the files a bit so they decrunch faster, without stripes and allow to quit
by pressing the QUITKEY key. I also added a trainer option (CUSTOM5=1 tooltype) which allows
infinite energy (easier to end the game)

It completes my quest for patching the Cadaver series to HD.

The third demo level was sent by Tomaz Kac, and was featured in Amiga Format #13
(set CUSTOM1=2 to get it)

I was not aware of this demo until Tomaz sends it to me. The controls are a bit
different, and the interrupt system of this one was very buggy (keyboard/VBL).
I had to fix it a little bit and it seems to have no sound. Original instructions
(with wierd control description) are included. This must be the very first
demo level since there is no sound at all and  other demo level controls
are the same as the final version. It's the easiest one also.

To do: Try to do some kind of save game (it won't be a piece of cake :))
Better run it on UAE with save state function :)

I enclose Bill instructions below


Long: This is an old coverdisk demo containing 1 full bonus level of 
Cadaver, which is not to be found as part of either Cadaver or The Payoff.  

For those not familiar with Cadaver, it's a 3D isometric adventure/arcade
game, in which you move Karadoc the dwarf through a series of rooms,
acquire items, spells, etc. and solve (fiendish) puzzles. 

Controls:  Use the joystick to move Karadoc around, jump and interact with
objects.  When holding a weapon or spell, the fire button activates it,
other items will be thrown.  "H" key will toggle a held item on or off. F3
toggles between icons being displayed as soon as you touch an item, or
after pressing fire.  F2 toggles between using fire and enter to bring up
icons.  Space brings up the last item you used, and Return will bring up
the entire rucksack.  The diary in the first room lists your health, gold
(irrelevant in this demo) and XP, as well as the percentage of rooms
visited.  F1 brings up the map, the joystick scrolls it, Del centres it on
you, and cursor up/down will zoom.  P pauses, C clears all messages from
the screen, and F4 toggles between movement in 4 and 8 directions. 

Now for a plea - I can't solve the damn thing - if anyone manages to 
complete the level, could they please email me?  


Bill Bennett


Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
CadaverDemo.slave - 13.04.2002 16:44:50 - 672 bytes
required WHDLoad version13
flagsNoError EmulTrap ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameCadaver Bonus Level
info copy1990 The Bitmap Brothers
info installinstalled & fixed by JOTD
Select CUSTOM1=0,1 or 2 to choose level file
Set CUSTOM5=1 to enable trainer
Version 1.0 (13-avr-02 16:44:51)

Install Archive Content Listing
83990lh559052002-04-13 00:52:54CadaverLevels\CadaverDemo1.info
61360lh523142002-04-13 00:52:54CadaverLevels\CadaverDemo1.sol
83990lh559062002-04-13 00:52:54CadaverLevels\CadaverDemo2.info
58820lh524541980-04-15 22:43:48CadaverLevels\cadaverdemo3.doc
84000lh559092002-04-13 15:29:12CadaverLevels\CadaverDemo3.info
6720lh55452002-04-13 16:44:50CadaverLevels\CadaverDemo.slave
28680lh515272002-04-13 16:47:52CadaverLevels\cadaverlevels.readme
61360lh523142002-04-13 00:52:54CadaverLevels\CADAVER_ZERO_MAGAZINE.sol
1544700lh01544702002-04-13 00:52:56CadaverLevels\cadprog1.RNC
2751610lh02751612002-04-13 00:53:00CadaverLevels\cadprog2.RNC
1214360lh01214362002-04-13 00:59:26CadaverLevels\cadprog3.RNC

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