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Blazing Thunder (Hi-Tec Software)

download the install packageBlazingThunder.lha
created at2021-04-11
size of install package38842 Bytes
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Galahad & StingRay
Mantis BugTracker1318
Hall Of Light143
Lemon Amiga171

Short : HD-Installer for Blazing Thunder - (C) 1991 Hi-Tec Software
Type  : game/patch
Author: Galahad / Fairlight (gldflt@blueyonder.co.uk), StingRay

 This install applies to "Blazing Thunder" © 1991 Hi-Tec Software.
 Slave requires WHDLoad V14+.
 Game needs 0.5 MB Of Chipmem & 1.0MB of Fastmem (for preload option and reloc)

 - Original Budget release version


 - Full Loading from HD (REAL Files)
 - Lame-o-Protect removed (PAL MFM)
 - Blitwaits fixed (too many to number!)
 - Access Faults fixed (Again, too many!)
 - Keyboard routines fixed (x2)
 - Installer and nice Icons by Frank!
 - Quit Option (DEL key)
 Thanks to Tony Aksnes for the image!
 VERSION 1.1 (09.11.2017) done by StingRay:
 - new RawDIC imager which saves the files, no external programs
   required anymore and installation process made MUCH faster
 - DMA waits in sample players fixed
 - blitter wait patches disabled on 68000
 - trainer options added
 - 68000 quitkey support
 - default quitkey changed to F10

 VERSION 1.2 (11.04.2021) done by StingRay:
 - wrong patch for main game corrected, title music is now played (issue #4672)
 - replayer code for title tune fixed (DMA waits, wrong custom register access)
 - access to lowpass filter in slave removed


Well, what can I say.  I've seen most Hi-Tec games before, but
this one I don't recall ever seeing.  For budget games, they are
not too bad, this is one of the better ones (released at the same time
as Warzone/Core Design), certainly better than a lot of full price

The protection system was also quite competant for a budget game.

16 different Sync's used, different for  every single track, and then 
there was a clever little depack as it loaded certain game files.  
Making a system friendly imager took longer than I anticipated! Had it 
simply been a file imager, it would have taken seconds, but then there 
is the issue of compatibility.  Apologies for the lengthy install 
process.... you only have to do it the once, so quit moaning! :)

Thanks for Tonys patience with doing this game, but any future
Hi-Tec games carrying this same protection will be sorted a lot sooner
thanks to this game.

On the titlescreen, type 'COWABUNGA' for infinite lives.  Hold down the 
left mouse button before the Blazing Thunder logo screen fades out for
infinite bombs.
Kindest Regards, Galahad & Frank


Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
BlazingThunder.slave - 11.04.2021 13:08:20 - 1856 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info name-) Blazing Thunder (-
info copy1991 Hi-Tec Software
info install
Installed and fixed by
Galahad of Fairlight
Version 1.2 (11.04.2021)
Thanks to Tony Aksnes for the image
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:X:Unlimited Lives:0;
C1:X:Unlimited Energy:1;
C1:X:Unlimited Grenades:2;

Install Archive Content Listing
115551lh59263Amiga2002-11-06 18:22:26BlazingThunderHD/BlazingThunder.coloricon
38201lh51557Amiga2017-11-09 14:56:18BlazingThunderHD/BlazingThunder.islave
162791lh58249Amiga2002-11-06 18:22:26BlazingThunderHD/BlazingThunder.newicon
18561lh51287Amiga2021-04-11 13:08:20BlazingThunderHD/BlazingThunder.slave
33651lh52159Amiga2002-11-06 18:23:12BlazingThunderHD.info
398571lh59973Amiga2017-11-09 15:00:06BlazingThunderHD/Install
26901lh51670Amiga2002-11-06 18:23:12BlazingThunderHD/Install.info
24551lh51348Amiga2021-04-11 13:11:58BlazingThunderHD/Readme
43141lh52748Amiga2002-11-06 18:23:12BlazingThunderHD/ReadMe.info

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