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Apprentice (Rainbow Arts)

download the install packageApprentice.lha
created at2011-05-12
size of install package44100 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Ralf Huvendiek & JOTD
Mantis BugTracker320
Hall Of Light3283
Lemon Amiga76


--- Apprentice WHDLoad HD install

This installer requires the original Apprentice disk and WHDLoad
Apprentice is © 1990 by Rainbow Arts.

V1.3 (Wepl 12.05.2011)
	- relocated stack to expmem to avoid error with newer whdload versions
	  about low free stack
V1.2 (JOTD) - Resourced JST slave, reworked it, and converted it to WHDload (!)
              Enhanced/fixed install script
              Added documentation file
              Added nice icon by Frank
V1.1 (Ralf) - Major improvements (August 1998)
V1.0 (Ralf) - First official release

--- Features

- Game runs now from HD
- Use QUITKEY to set the quit key (default: num '*')
- Highscores are saved

The game has been sucessfully tested with an Amiga1200 030/50Mhz/18MB.
Set the tooltype NOCACHES if you have problems with the graphic.

--- Disclaimer

    This software is provided "AS IS" and there is no warranty
    of any kind, so that you use it at your own risk. The author
    takes no responsibility for any results of the use of this

--- Author

__________________________________________________________________ / / /_
                                                                  / / /
Ralf Huvendiek                                                   / / /
e-mail: kaervek@gmx.de                                    ____  / / /
http://kaervek.freeservers.com/amiga/main_patches.html    \   \/ / /
________________________________________ powered by AMIGA  \ \ \/ /______

--- Co-author/maintainer (WHDLoad conversion)

Jean-François Fabre
e-mail: jffabre@free.fr

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Apprentice.slave - 12.05.2011 23:15:56 - 1016 bytes
required WHDLoad version11
flagsNoError EmulTrap NoDivZero ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory4 KiB ($1000)
info nameApprentice
info copy1990 Rainbow Arts
info installInstall by Ralf/JOTD
V1.3 (12.05.2011)

Install Archive Content Listing
5121lh5363Amiga2001-07-08 22:53:16ApprenticeHD/Apprentice.drslave
501lh050Amiga2001-07-08 22:53:16ApprenticeHD/Apprentice.high
194871lh58291Amiga2001-07-08 22:53:16ApprenticeHD/Apprentice.icon
10161lh5682Amiga2011-05-12 23:15:56ApprenticeHD/Apprentice.slave
221921lh512138Amiga2001-07-08 22:53:16ApprenticeHD/DiskRipper
19721lh5259Amiga2011-05-12 23:22:36ApprenticeHD.info
17671lh5650Amiga2011-05-12 23:21:24ApprenticeHD/Install-Apprentice
18901lh51027Amiga2011-05-12 23:22:36ApprenticeHD/Install-Apprentice.info
24031lh51070Amiga2003-04-20 11:36:02ApprenticeHD/Manual
19901lh51313Amiga2011-05-12 23:22:36ApprenticeHD/Manual.info
17031lh5823Amiga2011-05-12 23:19:16ApprenticeHD/ReadMe
19901lh51310Amiga2011-05-12 23:22:36ApprenticeHD/ReadMe.info
52341lh51938Amiga2011-05-12 23:15:48ApprenticeHD/src/ApprenticeHD.asm
175901lh55916Amiga2001-10-19 19:59:44ApprenticeHD/src/gp_macros.i
287851lh57360Amiga2011-05-11 22:41:44ApprenticeHD/src/jst.i

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